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An “Uncontrolled” Rocket

Finally it was a relief for all the nations of the world as the 18 metric ton Rocket from China crashed into the waters of Indian Ocean near Maldives without any serious hazards. The rocket was launched on 29th April 2021 and it carried a main module of the under-construction space station in it. There were lot of speculations going around before the incident as to where and how will the debris of the Chinese rocket crash and what impact will it have on the crashing site. NASA, one of the space organisations were trying to predict it’s crashing but weren’t 100% sure of the arbitrary trajectory it followed before its crash in Indian Ocean.

Earlier, All the southern hemisphere countries like Australia and Africa, west coast of the USA and many more were alerted so that they could prepare for the damage if rocket descends in one of these parts of earth. But fortunately this wreckage happened in the Indian Ocean i.e. north of Maldives as predicted by one of the Harvard-based Astrophysicist had predicted earlier before the crash.

NASA accused the Chinese of irresponsibly managing the launch of the rocket and told that the standard protocols have been compromised and the crash was an evident result of it.

This is not the 1st time that a Chinese rocket has crashed, but earlier there was a crash reported in a small village of Ivory Coast of Africa with damage to buildings.

- By Eeshansh Bhatnagar , B.Sc-1, GCC