Overview: Bachelor of Psychology

BA Psychology courses curriculum has a strong emphasis on how the human mind and behaviour function. This three-year course covers some of the core ideas in psychology, including cognitive processes, human behaviour, personality, health, and intellect. Additionally, one becomes familiar with current psychological ideas as well as the biological foundations for how the human brain functions. Even though psychology is largely a scientific field, after 12th or PUC students from all streams can pursue it. This course adequately prepares students to investigate employment prospects in a variety of other professions in addition to enabling one to pursue a master's and eventually decide on a career in psychology.

Eligibility Criteria

A student securing 40% aggregate marks including languages in P.U.C / 10 +2 / Pre University equivalent course is eligible.

Why Pursue BA Psychology?

  • Candidates get to learn more about human nature.
  • Since there is a constant need for psychological services in schools and colleges, BA Psychology will prepare people to teach psychology in the future.
  • Candidates with a BA in psychology may have a wide range of job options.
  • According to studies, psychologists are very satisfied with their careers. As a result, choosing Psychology will be a wise professional decision.
  • Candidates who desire to work in social services or community services can pursue a BA in psychology.
  • Candidates choosing a BA in psychology have the opportunity to conduct a variety of research projects and learn how to organise and interpret data, both of which are considered crucial career skills.
  • Candidates who are interested in solving theoretical and practical problems might choose a career in psychology.