Man v/s Nature

It's pouring outside and the streets are again overflowed. It helps me to remember that remarkable day in July 2005, when Mumbai was practically suffocated. It was by all accounts a clash of man versus nature.

This Time, the man at long last won. In any case, will man consistently win? At the point when I stare at the television or peruse the net, I start to ponder about such things as the apocalypse, etc.

This 'man versus nature' struggle is the topic of Ernest Hemingway's Work of art, the elderly person and the ocean, where the elderly person struggled against 'marlin'.

Today, we are willy-nilly challenging nature by our training. A worldwide temperature alteration has as of now given us an admonition of what might be on the horizon. Perhaps in a couple of years we will fight for endurance. By obliterating mangroves, chopping down rainforest, building immense structures unpredictably permitting the populace to detonate and spending the normal assets without even batting an eye we are welcoming difficulty and cautioning of a tempest and risk of flooding in distant New Orleans. I watch out of my window and it is as yet pouring. Will we win our fight against nature? However at that point, for what reason would it be a good idea for us to battle nature? We should work connected at the hip. Not against one another! However, who can be more stupid than people?

Rupesh R, BCom