Course Material: Computer Science Engineering

The Computer Science Engineering course at Gopalan Engineering Colleges Whitefield, Bangalore covers most of the advanced topics in computer hardware and software. This will enable the student to get a thorough concept of the theory and design of computer architecture, networks, communication etc.

I Semester  
Lab Manual- Computer Programming Laboratory 15CPL16 Click Here
Lab Manual - Computer Programming Laboratory Click Here
II Semester  
Time Table Click Here
Course Plan - Programming in C and Data Structures 15PCD23 Click Here
Lab Manual - Computer Organization 15CS34 Click Here
Lab Manual - Data Structures And Applications 15CS33 Click Here
IV Semester  
Time Table Click Here
Lab Manual - Microprocessor and Microcontroller Laboratory 15CSL48 Click Here
V Semester  
Course Notes - Computer Networks - I 10CS55 Click Here
Course Notes - Data base Management Systems 10CS54 Click Here
Course Notes - Formal Languages and Automata Theory 10CS56 Click Here
Course Notes - Operating Systems 10CS53 Click Here
Course Notes- Software Engineering 10IS51 Click Here
Course Notes- System Software 10CS52 Click Here
Lab Manual - System Software and Operating System Lab Manual 10CSL58 Click Here
Lab Manual - Database Applications Laboratory Click Here
VI Semester  
Time Table Click Here
Course Plan - Compiler-Design-10CS63 Click Here
Course Plan - Compute-Networks-II-10CS64 Click Here
Course Plan - Computer-Graphics-Visualization-10CS65 Click Here
Course Plan - Management-Entrepreneurship-10AL61 Click Here
Course Plan - Operations-Reserach-10CS661 Click Here
Course Plan - Unix-System-Programming-10CS62 Click Here
Lab Manual - Computer Graphics and Visualization Laboratory 10CSL67 Click Here
VII Semester  
Course Notes - Embedded Computing Systems 10CS72 Click Here
Course Notes - Fundamentals of Computer Design Click Here
Course Notes - Java and J2ee 10CS753 Click Here
Course Notes - Object Oriented Modeling and Design 10CS71 Click Here
Course Notes - Programming the Web 10CS73 Click Here
Course Notes - SAN Material Click Here
Lab Manual - Networks Laboratory Click Here
Lab Manual - Web Programming Laboratory Click Here
VIII Semester  
Course Plan - Information and Network Security 10CS835 Click Here
Course Plan - Software Architecture 10IS81 Click Here
Course Plan - System Modeling and Simulation 10CS82 Click Here
Course Plan - System Testing 10CS842 Click Here