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The Computer Science Engineering course @ Gopalan Engineering Colleges whitefield,bangalore covers most of the advanced topics in computer hardware and software. This will enable the student to get a thorough concept of the theory and design of computer architecture, networks, communication etc.

I Semester
Lab Manual- Computer Programming Laboratory 15CPL16 Click Here
Lab Manual - Computer Programming Laboratory Click Here
II Semester
Time Table Click Here
Course Plan - Programming in C and Data Structures 15PCD23 Click Here
Lab Manual - Computer Organization 15CS34 Click Here
Lab Manual - Data Structures And Applications 15CS33 Click Here
IV Semester
Time Table Click Here
Lab Manual - Microprocessor and Microcontroller Laboratory 15CSL48 Click Here
V Semester
Course Notes - Computer Networks - I 10CS55 Click Here
Course Notes - Data base Management Systems 10CS54 Click Here
Course Notes - Formal Languages and Automata Theory 10CS56 Click Here
Course Notes - Operating Systems 10CS53 Click Here
Course Notes- Software Engineering 10IS51 Click Here
Course Notes- System Software 10CS52 Click Here
Lab Manual - System Software and Operating System Lab Manual 10CSL58 Click Here
Lab Manual - Database Applications Laboratory Click Here
VI Semester
Time Table Click Here
Course Plan - Compiler-Design-10CS63 Click Here
Course Plan - Compute-Networks-II-10CS64 Click Here
Course Plan - Computer-Graphics-Visualization-10CS65 Click Here
Course Plan - Management-Entrepreneurship-10AL61 Click Here
Course Plan - Operations-Reserach-10CS661 Click Here
Course Plan - Unix-System-Programming-10CS62 Click Here
Lab Manual - Computer Graphics and Visualization Laboratory 10CSL67 Click Here
Lab Manual - Unix System Programming and Compiler Design 10CSL68 Click Here
VII Semester
Course Notes - Embedded Computing Systems 10CS72 Click Here
Course Notes - Fundamentals of Computer Design Click Here
Course Notes - Java and J2ee 10CS753 Click Here
Course Notes - Object Oriented Modeling and Design 10CS71 Click Here
Course Notes - Programming the Web 10CS73 Click Here
Course Notes - SAN Material Click Here
Lab Manual - Networks Laboratory Click Here
Lab Manual - Web Programming Laboratory Click Here
VIII Semester
Time Table Click Here
Course Plan - Information and Network Security 10CS835 Click Here
Course Plan - Software Architecture 10IS81 Click Here
Course Plan - System Modeling and Simulation 10CS82 Click Here
Course Plan - System Testing 10CS842 Click Here