commerce college principal
Major Dr. Anandappa


“Education is the mother of leadership”

“Excellence” in academics is our prime concern. Sports and games and other extracurricular activities too form an integral part of “Gopalan Pre-University College”. We endeavor to give every child who enters Gopalan a holistic education, preparing them for life ahead.

Towards this endeavor, Gopalan college firmly believes the effective way to accelerate “Indian growth story” by empowering the youth through holistic education. A healthy body and mind is more important for a cohesive learning for which Gopalan College provides ample facilities to students in terms of sports, co-curricular, extra-curricular and extension activities through various clubs.

‘Think about learning and education with all new tools that are being built’. The conventional chalk board pedagogy is being converted into smart board with interactive learning systems.

Gopalan College welcomes every aspirant of new age technological youth to be a part of this wonderful opportunity to grow together.

Major Dr. Anandappa
Dean (GCC & GPUC)