Workshop at Gopalan Architecture College

Art Studio

Gopalan School of Architecture and planning we have an Art Studio (75 sqm.) and an Exhibition hall (145 sqm.) with all the necessary facilities.

With the guidance of faculty members, the students create murals, sculptures and paintings in and around the Department which helps to showcase and further art in the built environment.

Under the guidance of our experienced artist, classes in drawing, painting, and sculpture are conducted. The topics contain both the conceptual and material aspects of art making. It introduces the practices of the artist and the creative process in a formulaic manner rather emphasizes about seeing and conceptualizing the processes entailed in making art. The ways of thinking and working in this space is collaborative, and catalyze creativity and innovation.


  • Easel painting boards.
  • Display boards for all the art done by students.
  • Display material for sketching exercise.
  • Working tables.
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