Carpentary workshop at GSAP

Carpentry Workshop

Carpentry Workshop is a practical workshop for the 1st and 2nd semester students so that they will get exposure and knowledge about carpentry and various types of wooden joints, many of which will be useful to understand the subjects like Building Construction, Graphics and Building Materials.

The total area of the workshop is 115 sqm. Carpentry is the process of shaping Timber using hand tools. Carpentry work mainly involves the joining together of wooden pieces and finishing the surfaces after shaping them.

The student will be studying the fundamentals of wood working as they should know about timber and other carpentry materials, wood working tools, carpentry operations and the method of making common types of joints.

Materials and Equipments Used in Carpentry:

A. Basic materials used in carpentry are

  1. Timber and plywood.

B. Auxiliary materials used are

  1. Nails,
  2. Screws,
  3. Adhesives,
  4. Paints,
  5. Varnishes, etc.

C. Tools for wood working:

The principle hand tools used in a carpentry workshop can be classified into

  1. Marking And Measuring Tool: Rules, Straight Edge And Squares, Steel Tape, Marking Gauges And Try Square
  2. Cutting Tool – Saws, Chisels,
  3. Planning Tool – Wooden Jack Plane And Metal Jack Plane
  4. Boring Tool – Carpenters Brace, Bradawl, Auger Bit, Hand Drill, Gimlet
  5. Striking Tool – Mallet, Claw Hammer, Pincer, Screw Driver, Wood Rasp File
  6. Holding Tool: Work Bench, Carpenters Bench Vise, C- Clamp

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