Climatology and Acoustics Lab at GSAP

Climatology and Acoustics Lab

We at Gopalan School of Architecture and Planning focus on delivering practical knowledge to the students of B. Arch. The Climatology Lab which is part of the infrastructure at GSAP help students to get the exposure of the climatology study which they learn as a theory subject in the 3rd semester. The students further use it in the later semesters to know the climatic information of the place to design buildings.

The following parameters of measurement are satisfied in the Lab.

  1. Temperature
  2. Light Intensity
  3. Humidity
  4. UV Light
  5. Wind Speed
  6. Rain Gauge
  7. Wind Direction
  8. Barometric Pressure
  9. System for Lab

Climatology and acoustic lab Equipment are as follows:

  1. Light Meter C337
    • Used for verifying the illumination
  2. Datalogging Sound Level Meter with Datalogger, C390
    • The decibel level of the environment is recorded. Ideal for Acoustical design and sound system setup.
  3. Professional Lazer Distance Meter, LDM-100
    • This allows the students to measure areas which are difficult to reach and remote. One person can measure the distance of a large room easily.
  4. UV Light Meter UV340
    • This is a professional UV meter which measures the UV radiations in the environment.
  5. Solar Power Meter, TM207
    • This measures the solar radiations emitted from the sun.
  6. Carbon monoxide Detector EQCO180
    • Detects the dangerous Carbon Mono-oxide emitted in the environment.
  7. Combined CO2, Temp.& Humidity Meter, AZ7755
    • This instrument checks the indoor air quality, temperature and Humidity simultaneously.
  8. Light Meter EQ 802
    • This instrument is used to measure the illuminance in the field.
  9. Weather Station (Wi-Fi)
    • Observer Solar Powered Wireless (Wi-Fi) Weather Station with Rechargeable Battery.

It provides most of the outdoor information of Rainfall, Humidity, Wind direction, Wind Speed, Temperature, Humidity all at once and also allows to log the data. This allows us to compare and relate to the variation in weather in a day and different days of the week.

Students make use of these instruments to the fullest during their climatology lab and also for the site analysis of the design studios.

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