Dean - G. Ramesh
G.Ramesh M.Sc.(Engg), Ph.D (IISc)

Dean : Research, GCEM

Gopalan Research, Innovation and Training Centre (GRIT)

Globally, Engineering education is changing at a rapid phase, not seen here through. The rapid advancements in material, computing, communication and bio technology is contributing significantly into a number of areas in engineering. This places a high demand on engineering students at undergraduate level and requires a new effort to bridge the gaps. Towards meeting this challenge, the institution has initiated the establishment of an inter disciplinary research center (GRIT) to promote under graduate learning through research, innovation and training on the recent advancements in different disciplines of engineering. Further to foster the development of multi-disciplinary research endeavors across Faculties and departments. The center will closely work with industries under MOU to address R&D projects of mutual interest. Experts from research labs and industries would be invited to deliver special lectures on the current developmentThe center also promotes Innovation and entrepreneurship by converting and translating technology ideas into products, processes and services for commercial leverage and the benefit of society.

The Unmanned Aerial System lab under GRIT is designed to increase the students’ interest in UAV technologies by means of first-hand experience on UAV research. The participants of this program will have opportunity to get involved in applied research on advanced topics on unsteady Aerodynamics, Dynamics and Control of UAVs, Obstacle & Collision Avoidance, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision and Flight Test experience. The associate labs in the other departments would also address the UAV research through interdisciplinary projects. There will be continuous efforts for the development of infrastructure conducive to promote research in these areas through research grants and training program.