Dean - G. Ramesh
G.Ramesh M.Sc.(Engg), Ph.D (IISc)

Dean : Research, GCEM

Do not follow where the path may lead.
Go instead where there is no path.
Ralph Emerson

The rapid phase of advancements in the technological world necessitates engineering education to constantly evolve. The students need to adapt themselves quickly to stay relevant to meet the needs of the industry. While we cannot expect the he curriculum to catch up with these developments at the same phase the educational institutions should device innovative methods to bridge this gap to the best extent possible. Some of the ways through which it is done include student’s internship program, on campus skill development program, establishment of innovation and research centers etc.

Research is fast becoming part of our education system. From inquiry comes invention which leads to progress. Research promotes the habits of logical thinking and organization. It provides intellectual satisfaction of doing creative work at the same time provides enhanced career opportunities and earning.

At present GCEM has granted permission to set up research centers in four of the five departments and about 15 scholars are pursuing for their doctoral degree. Apart from this the senior faculties are also guiding scholars from other universities. A few research proposals have been submitted to various funding agencies that include TEQIP under VTU, COTS under DRDO, Vision group under state government.

GCEM has also been granted permission to establish Institution Innovation Council in the current academic year. MSME under Ministry of Human Resources has approved status as Host institute for Business Incubation and fifteen proposals have been recommended for approval under new idea funding scheme.

GCEM has also established an inter disciplinary research center (GRIT) to promote under graduate learning through research, innovation and training on the recent advancements in different disciplines of engineering. The center closely works with a few industries to bring in the current problem of interest to students to carry out applied research. Experts from research labs and industries are invited to deliver special lectures on the current development. The center also promotes Innovation and entrepreneurship by converting and translating technology ideas into products, processes and services for commercial leverage and the benefit of society.

The Unmanned Aerial System (UAV) otherwise popularly known as DRONE is fast emerging as one of the major technologies due to a number of strategic, civilian and commercial applications. In GRIT we have taken UAV as the central theme of research and all the departments are encouraged to address problems of mutual interest through inter disciplinary program. GRIT is designed to increase the students’ interest in UAV technologies by means of first-hand experience on UAV research. The participants of this program have opportunity to get involved in applied research on advanced topics in the areas of experimental aerodynamics, composite fabrication, controls and navigation, machine vision and AI. There will be continuous efforts for the development of infrastructure conducive to promote research in these areas through research grants and training program.