Rules & Regulations of Gopalan College Of Engineering - Whitefield

  1. The students are advised to keep themselves aware of the Institute rules. Ignorance of rules shall not be an excuse for violation.
  2. Each student shall conduct herself/himself, both within and outside the campus of the Institute in a manner befitting a student of a prestigious institute. Each student shall show due respect and courtesy to the teachers, administrators, staff of the Institute, and to the visitors and good behaviour to fellow students.
  3. Lack of courtesy and decorum: wilful damage to Institute property, removal of any property belonging to the Institute, fellow students and use of abusive and offensive language: disturbing fellow students in their studies, adoption of unfair practices in tests, quizzes, assignments or examinations, noisy and unruly behaviour shall constitute violation of the code of conduct.
  4. Loud talking, loitering or congregating, being a source of distraction and annoyance to others is not permitted.
  5. Students are required to be dressed neatly and decently.
  6. Use of cell phones is strictly prohibited in all academic areas of the campus. Use of cell phones would entail confiscation of the handset. It would be returned only. a) At the end of the course or, b) After payment of a fine of Rs.1,000/-.
  7. Late coming to class is recorded as absence from the class. Students are not allowed to leave the institute during working hours without the written permission of the mentor/HOD and Principal.
  8. A student neglecting his/her studies and having unsatisfactory progress will be given two warnings after which if he/she fails to improve, he/she will be liable for expulsion from the institute.
  9. It is compulsory for the students to attend functions/activities organized by the institute on various occasions like Independence Day, Republic Day, Annual Day, etc whether the function falls on a working day or on holidays. Absence from such functions without valid reasons will invite disciplinary action.
  10. Students are prohibited to take part in political activity or any activity which is detrimental to the dignity of the Institute.
  11. Students must make all possible efforts to conserve electricity and water. They must switch off lights & fans when they leave the class room/hostel room, lab etc.
  12. Students must display on person their identity cards always, show the same on demand by any faculty/official of the institute.
  13. Candidates have to fulfil the minimum attendance requirements as per university norms. No students will remain absent from any of the lectures. Without leave having been obtained previously from the Class In charge and that too for sufficient cause and if he/she is irregular in attendance, or fails to show progress or is not diligent in studies, his/her name is liable to be struck off from the rolls of the institute. In case of a candidate who joined late owing to late declaration of result or who sought admission provisionally till declaration of the lower examination, the lecture requirements will be calculated as per academic rules and provisions.
  14. The students are advised to see regularly the notices displayed on the Institute/hostel notice boards. The notice displayed on these notice boards shall be deemed to have been served on the students.