Department : Physics

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The aim of physics is to understand the natural phenomena around us. Physics is a science of measurement, an exact science and a pure science which encompasses esoteric ideas. It is well known that Engineering is regarded as applied science and "Today's science is tomorrow's technology".

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Today's science is tomorrow's technology. Engineering Physics plays a primary role in all branches of engineering. A sound knowledge of physics is always essential for understanding engineering problems. Engineering physics is technical physics meant to provide a thorough grounding for special applied areas such as lasers, superconductivity, fiber optics, nanotechnology, shock waves etc.

The dept. of physics since its inception in 2010 has made a proud track record of quality education, by maintaining an average 95% pass out in VTU Engineering physics examinations. The department has all necessary infrastructures in terms of laboratory and required equipments needed for the students to carry out experiments as per AICTE norms and as per the syllabus of VTU. The department has highly qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty

HOD - Physics Department

Name Designation
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Dr. Maharani N Y.

Qualification : M.Sc, M.PHIL, Ph.D
Designation : Associate Professor and In-charge HOD (Physics)
Specialization : Crystallography & Bio- Physics and Crystal Growth(Growth & Characterization studies).


Name Designation
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Mr. Vijaya Talapatadur.

Qualification : M.Sc., M.Phil,
Designation : Assistant Professor (Physics)
Specialization : Solid State Physics and Crystallography.


  • Coaching for backlog students
  • Mentoring/counseling