Best pu colleges Bangalore
Best pu colleges Bangalore
Top pu colleges in Bangalore
Bangalore pu colleges
Best pu colleges Bangalore

Best PU College in Bangalore

Gopalan PU Colleges immerse themselves in academics, the college has a lot in store for them outside the classroom. Student life includes participation in sports, recreational & co-curricular activities and culturals.

In short, at Gopalan PU College, students will find an academic and social environment where everyone- from faculty members to peers help shape their future. With inputs from motivated and quality faculty our students display consistently high academic performance which has helped us to reach a pioneer as ranked amongst the top 10 PU colleges in Bangalore, Karnataka.

Gopalan PU Colleges has state-of-the-art infrastructure, creating an environment for progressive learning and development. It also has computer and internet facilities, modern workshops, seminar halls, auditoriums and well stocked libraries, sports and games fields including indoor football and cricket ground.

Gopalan pre-university college under the Directorate of pre- university education in Karnataka and approved by Government of Karnataka had its beginning in the Academic Year 2012-13, to offer Inclusive Commerce & Science Education.

We emphasize on active learning where the student is the center of learning process,making them a key factor in discovery instead of a passive receiver of

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