Overview : Best Computer Science & Engineering College in Bangalore

To stimulate the hidden potential in every single student of the department thereby energizing them to elevate their confidence to face the emerging technologies and become better technocrats.


To create total participation and elevate the skills of budding technocrats through technical talks and hands on experiences.

The department of Computer Science & Engineering was started in the year 2010 to provide world class education in the field of Information Technology. Students are prepared to face the challenges in the fast changing world. Orientation and training programs are being conducted to do well in competitive examinations. The department has excellent laboratory facilities with internet access facility.

We have faculties with excellent academic records and good experience in teaching. They are quite friendly and ready to aid the students in their need. They follow different teaching methodology to make teaching effective: black boards, PowerPoint presentations and demonstration of programs in the laboratory. Technical seminars are being conducted from industrial experts on latest technologies. Placement training is provided to improve the aptitude, communication and confidence level of the student. Recently, we conducted training program on C-sharp and Java.

Why CSE in Gopalan College of Engineering and Management?
  • Excellent faculties with good academic records.
  • "Elite" the department forum conducts seminars, workshops, and gaming activities to keep students abreast with latest technology.
  • 100% placement assistance.
  • Pre-placement training by industrial experts.
Computer Science & Engineering Activities:
  • Seminar on "Nexus of Forces" was conducted by Mr. Bharath Basavaraj on new disruptive technology trends in industry.
  • Workshop on 'C' and 'C++' was conducted by IIT Mumbai to enhance the programming skills of student.
  • ELEET (Elite & Energized Emerging Technocrats) was conducted to abreast with emerging technologies and improve the knowledge of the student and faculties. Technical quiz, seminars on latest technologies is conducted for students and faculties to improve their technical skills.
  • Workshop is conducted on "BIG DATA ANALYTICS AND HADOOP" by Geeks Lab Pvt Ltd.
  • Industrial visit to ISRO Satellite Centre.
Forum club activity:
  • Technical Seminar
  • Orientation Programmed
  • Treasure Hunt
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