Overview : Mathematics Department

"Mathematics is the queen of all sciences & the mother of all technologies."

Ancient Indians like Aryabhata, Bhaskara, Mahavira & 20th century mathematicians like Ramanujan & others had made sizable contribution to the development of the subject. There are records that prove scholars from Egypt, Iran & several other Arab countries had shelved that tag of science and percolated into all disciplines of science, Engineering, Technology and humanities.

We in the department teach Mathematics by conventional dialogue method as well as through discussions, seminars, questioning, quiz etc. Our main objective is to impart quality education to the engineering students in Mathematics so that they can apply the mathematical knowledge to the problems arising in various disciplines of Engineering, Science & technology. Faculty in the department are well trained and equipped to manage all the classroom challenges.

Gopalan Engineering College, Whitefield, Bangalore has state-of-the-art infrastructure, creating an environment for progressive learning and development. It also has computer and internet facilities, modern workshops, seminar halls, auditoriums and well stocked libraries, sports and games fields including indoor football and cricket ground.

Gopalan Engineering College, Whitefield, Bangalore is the best Engineering College in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. Approved by AICTE, affiliated to VTU, Recognized by the Govt. of Karnataka.