Mechanical Engineering : Lab Infrastructure

Workshop and Machine Shop Practices

 Mechanical Engineering College In Bangalore

The students are trained to get basic workshop knowledge like fitting, sheet metal work. The fitting models like square shape, V –shape, U-shape, Dove tail shape, and sheet metal models like tray, cylinder, cone by using soldering gun and GI sheet. This basic knowledge will help the students to do the projects.

The machine is equipped with centre lathe, radial drilling machines, shapers, milling machines, surface grinding machines .These machines help the students to prepare the lathe models, milling and shaping models .the students will get the practical knowledge in operating the machines. The students are using cutting tools for the operations like marking, centre drilling, grooving, knurling, drilling, boring, thread cutting, grinding. In this lab the students will do the projects by using the machine shop tools and machines under the guides of staff and gaining these lab knowledge students can start their own mechanical industries like fabrication of components and also encouraging them to become entrepreneurs.

Computer Aided Engineering Drawing Lab

 Mechanical Engineering College In Bangalore

The subject is intended to gain fundamental knowledge of engineering drawing to the student of all discipline of engineering. Drawing is the beautiful language through which information can be communicated between any numbers of people. Engineering drawing is used to project details of a component with their salient features. In fact the engineering drawing is more useful in mechanical industries for the fabrication, machining, and automation purposes. In our lab we train the students through Solid edge ST2 and CADM, ANSYS soft wares. The lab is equipped with 60 computers for learning purposes. Well experienced faculties’ teach and train the student which in turn enhances the drawing capability of the students.

Computer Aided Machine Drawing Lab

Machine drawing is a pictorial representation of machine or machine components or the part of a product which provides outline/inline detail of a product including how it is going to manufacture with certain rules. The machining symbols, tolerances, bill of material, dimensions etc are notified in that drawing. This drawing is the way of communication between you and the worker/designer/customer/manufacturer/engineer to get the desirable outcome in an efficient way. For creating the machine drawing, the students can use the different modelling software like CATIA, SOLID work, UG etc.

Metal Casting and Welding Lab

Metal casting and welding lab is well equipped with coal fired furnace .In this lab the students will prepare models with or without using patterns. The students are going to check the strength of the moulding sand by using universal sand testing machine, clay content test and porosity ,etc. this knowledge will help the students to do metal casting models .The lab is equipped with electric arc Welding machine ,the students can perform welding models like lap joint ,butt joint, angle joint.

Material Testing and Metallurgy Laboratory

 Mechanical Engineeirng College In Bangalore

The Mechanical department is well equipped & technically organized Laboratory for the Material testing and metallurgy Laboratory, Mechanical engineering students will be aware of determining the properties of engineering materials and their applications. Testing of materials for their mechanical properties forms an integral part of this lab. In this lab the students conduct experiments on Universal testing machine, various hardness testing machines (Rockwell, Brinell, Vicker’s), Wear, Impact, fatigue and Torsion testing machines. Different materials have different physical, chemical and mechanical properties and suitability. In the field of Metallurgy the students deeply visualise and observe the structures as well as composition of different materials through optical microscope and also will conduct Non-destructive tests by using Ultrasonic flaw detection, Magnetic crack detection, and Dye penetrant tests to study the defects of Cast and Welded specimens.

Mechanical Measurements and Metrology Lab

 Mechanical Engineeirng College In Bangalore

This lab is associated with the science of mechanical measurements and metrology and also deals with mechanical instruments and equipment’s which include all theoretical and practical aspects of measurements. This lab defines any level of uncertainty in any field of science and technology through experimental and theoretical data. The scope of this lab is measurement in building, aerospace, auto motives, testing and validation methods in various industries. It is also used in measurement in scientific and industry activities and also helpful for calibration, sensors and legal metrology. The lab is essential for the socio-economic development of a country and is concerned with providing accurate measurements which impact our economic, health, safety and general well-being. This lab is introduced to 4th Sem students as they will be studying the theory subject to have a practical knowledge over the subject regarding the science of measurements and metrology.

Energy Laboratory

 Mechanical Engineeirng College In Bangalore

In this Energy lab, the students are capable of understanding the usage of conversion of energy from one form to another form by the design and operation of internal combustion engines affecting their performance, operation, fuel consumption and environmental effects. In this laboratory students will come across regarding fluid flow, thermodynamics, combustion, heat transfer, friction phenomena and fuel properties, with reference to engine power, efficiency and emissions of different types of internal combustion engines.

Fluid Mechanics and Machinery Lab

 Mechanical Engineeirng College In Bangalore

This lab is run in association with the theory course Fluid Mechanics. It is an inaugural course where flow behaviour and characteristics, fluid strength and analysis (practice) tools are introduced. The aim of the observation include identification of forces generated when fluid flow occurs over a solid object, indication of the energy & momentum equations, viscosity measurement and engineering correlations. Intricate flow phenomena such as separations and transition to turbulence are demonstrated. Empirical setups such as fluid flow through a tube, fluid flow over a flat, inclined and curved plates, wind tunnel, and viscometer are made available to the students. The lab experiments utilize U-tube manometer and inclined manometer. This lab which give the practical knowledge to the students. The laboratories furnish guidance to v sem students in flow measurements. The areas of research include flow imaging, control, jets, micro-scale transport, and interfacial fluid dynamics.

Heat Transfer Lab

 Mechanical Engineeirng College In Bangalore

In engineering practice, Heat transfer plays a major role in all the engineering discipline applications like designing of automobiles, aeronautical etc., domestic purposes like heating, cooking. From this course of heat transfer lab, students can understand the basic modes of heat transfer such as conduction, convection and radiation along with heat transfer by phase change by conducting experiments practically. This laboratory includes experiments on determination of thermal conductivity of metal rod, heat transfer through composite wall, natural and forced convection heat transfer, transient heat conduction, heat transfer through fins under forced convection condition, determination of Stefan-Boltzman constant and emissivity of grey surfaces, Heat exchangers with Parallel and Counter Flow, boiling and condensation and performance test on vapour compression refrigerator and air conditioner.

Computer Aided Modelling and Analysis Lab

 Mechanical Engineeirng College In Bangalore

In the Computer Aided modelling and analysis lab students understand the concepts of Finite Element and stress analysis of the bars, beams , trusses, structures & also about the dynamics & thermal Analysis using ANSYS software . ANSYS software offers a theoretical solution for static and dynamics analysis .the product contains complete set of properties of engineering materials and ANSYS software are used for finding out of thermal Stress and CFD analysis.

Computer Integrated Manufacturing Lab

 Mechanical Engineeirng College In Bangalore

The Computer Integrated Manufacturing laboratory was established in order to provide our students with knowledge and hands-on experience in the area of Computer Integrated Manufacturing and consider the emerging research and development in the area of manufacturing segment in the industrial fraternity. The objective of the CIM laboratory is to prepare the students industry ready and to acquire employability skills with the CNC programming and cutting tool path generation through CNC simulation software by using G-Codes and M-codes. Main purpose of this lab is to familiarize programming techniques in CNC part programming through the high end industry software such as CADEM Software Packages. Students will get familiarize about CNC Lathe part programming for Turning, Facing, Chamfering, Grooving, Step turning, Taper turning, Circular interpolation, Combination of few operations followed by CNC Mill Part programming for Point to point motions, Line motions, Circular interpolation, Contour motion, Pocket milling- circular, rectangular, Mirror commands in addition part programming using Canned Cycles for Drilling, Peck drilling, Boring, Tapping, Turning, Facing, Taper turning Thread cutting and Simulation of Tool Path for different operations Machining of small components using CNC Lathe & CNC Milling Machine.

Design Lab

 Mechanical Engineeirng College In Bangalore

Design lab is an important subject for mechanical engineering students to understand the behaviour of the engineering materials before manufacturing the machine component. In this lab a prominent little bit information about the design of machine components will import through experiments like balancing of rotating mass, vibration equipment, governors and photo elasticity experimental set up etc significance is given for the overall characteristic of the equipment life from the design point of view in the design lab.