Being among the top 10 science PU colleges in Bangalore, it has one of the well-stocked college libraries. We regularly subscribes to international and national journals, magazines and 10 daily newspapers. It caters to the needs of more than 500 undergraduate, postgraduate and research level staff & students.

The library is fully automated, has a spacious reading hall and can accommodate one hundred users at any point of time.

The Library operations are managed by the latest version of “N-List Library Management Software”. The Library is well equipped with all the modern facilities and resources (print and electronic) in the form of CDROMs, DVD-ROM, video cassettes, books, journals, the form of CDROMs, DVD-ROM, video cassettes, books, journals, etc

Books are arranged on the shelves in Title order

Library Rules and Regulations

  • An identity card is a must for all library transactions. ID cards are non-transferable.
  • The members of the Library are requested to maintain an atmosphere of silence within the Library premises as it is a place for individual study and research.
  • Users should ensure that when scanning through books; they replace the book from where it was taken, according to the shelf arrangement. Feel free to seek staff assistance for replacing the books.
  • Users should avoid taking out several volumes of reports, journals and books once.
  • The library reading area should be used only for reference and consultation of resource materials
  • The use of cell phones in the library is prohibited.
  • Members are requested to handle all the Library materials with utmost care. Mutilation, writing, scribbling, marking, cutting the pages are acts that will be severely dealt with.
  • Smoking, eating food and drinking beverages is not allowed inside the Library.
  • All members are requested to keep their personal belongings at the Property Counter at their own risks. Library is not responsible for any loss or damage.
  • The borrowers are requested to check the books & other reading materials thoroughly for missing pages, missing chapters, or any damage, markings etc. before borrowing.
  • No books in damaged conditions will be accepted from the borrowers. Mutilated, lost or spoiled books may have to be replaced or will be charged (2 times of the value) by the borrower.
  • The borrowing facility can be restricted or suspended in case of misbehavior or misuse of the Library facilities/materials.
  • Members are held responsible for all items issued in their name, until they are returned by the respective members to the Library.
  • No material from the Library should be taken out without proper issuing/ recording.
  • Keep the library clean. Use the dustbins kept in the library to deposit any waste material.


The campus is centrally enabled with Wi-Fi connectivity for academic purposes.

Teaching Aids

The College uses various teaching aids like actual objects, models, pictures, charts, maps, chalkboards, overhead projectors, slides which helps students to understand and learn things in a better way.