GPUC : Testimonial

gopalan PU college

Gopalan Pu college is a prerogative place to implement innovative programs to affect student outcomes in a positive way. We set high expectations at Gopalan Pu college and we’re concerned with the success of every single student. It’s an exciting time for education right now, in Gopalan Pu college be it offline or online .If you are passionate about opening doors to kids, I couldn’t think of a greater opportunity than in gopalan Pu college.

by: lunasreedhar
English lecturer, GPUC

gopalan PU college

I am delighted that I got the opportunity to work at Gopalan PU College.

My career at GPUC enhanced my teaching skill and experience altogether. It was a great time knowing students who pass by as young men and women every with successful results, shaping their future in the right way.

Another feather to my teaching careert.

by: Namita Sahu
Physics Faculty, GPUC

gopalan PU college

2 years in Gopalan has provided me with unending inspiration, guidance and motivation.

The support offered by our teachers pushed us to do better everyday.

We missed out on a lot this year but getting to learn and grow in GPUC made it totally worth!

by: Diya Suresh

gopalan PU college

2 years, spent pleasant

Finished my last 2 years of college life with GPUC.

Affectionate faculty, amazing facilities, astounding experience.

Loved it! I would encourage you to studey at GPUC.

by: Mahammed Shaamil