Dr. Vimala Swamy - Principal GSAP

Dr. Vimala SwamyPh.D, MURP, B. Arch

Principal's Message

Gopalan School of Architecture is an endeavor by Gopalan Foundation established in 2014 to offer quality education in a diverse environment to meet global demands. Education has changed tremendously in recent times and found remarkable growth. Especially the move towards inter-disciplinary studies and interactive learning has opened up several options and created multiple challenges. India has a massive population of youngsters preferring higher education. Hence there’s a need and scope to offer excellent education. GSAP has established a good remark in the field of Architecture education & profession with diverse projects and teaching pedagogy.

The school offers integrated learning to students with cutting-edge software, live demonstration with ongoing projects site visits, community outreach projects that inculcate social responsiveness, economic and cultural values. The vertical studios allow peer learning and bonding between various semester students. The certification programs, hands-on workshops give experiential learning. The students are fortunate to have a different skill set training by various specialized schools of Gopalan Foundation.

The faculty team of GSAP comprises distinguished professionals and academicians from diverse specializations who are proactive in research, profession, and academia. The faculty motivate students to achieve their goals in all streams of learning. With all the facilities, continuous support by the management and faculty team, I am sure the students will be ready to face future challenges and they will be successful professionals.