Principal's Message

Guruswamy - Principal GSAP

Prof. K Guruswamy B. Arch, M.U.R.P, M. Arch

Principal's Message

Warm wishes,welcome to GSAP.Our major focus is on our students, by keeping pace with the rising demands of present day needs in architectural education. Institute’s major strength is the team of exceptionally qualified and dedicated team of faculties along with experienced professionals and with our sincere efforts to bring in creativity, perfection and discipline in our wards.They do their best by imparting the right knowledge in the most methodical manner. Though, GSAP is in its infancy stage, it has already made a mark in the field of architecture education in the country

With the notion that knowledge and hard work are the bases of success and prosperity, I intend to build the future architects who are ardent about what they envision predicated on the past and present architecture leading them into an International world of architecture. I orchestrate to have workshops conducted both by professional architects in and abroad India to get the students the experience of the outside world prior to their own experience. By 2025, I envision to have group of exemplary architects who care about the environment, architecture, planning and unique design features of the future buildings.

The focus is on imparting holistic architecture education, learning and culture to students through intellectual inputs and transformational activities, experimental self-discovering process by embolden in them to assume responsibility, to take charge and act rightly and effectively.

Architecture is an exciting design-based profession concerned with virtually all aspects of the built environment. It is a combination of art, science and technology with business, social and environmental concerns. Architect must always be a leader, collaborator, organizer, entrepreneur, strategist and researcher. Today, with the architect’s traditional tasks are supplemented by sound technical knowledge, soft skills, creative thinking, decision making skill, project management, team spirit, leadership qualities and deep sense of quality consciousness have become essential. Technical and Business skills are been in-build into budding architects by organizing ‘finishing training programs’, ‘soft skill training’, architect fests and seminars by industry experts and consultants.

The supportive college management has made a vision- to be global competitor in world class architectural education and is continuously striving to achieve the goals. In order to achieve this mission, they have set up research center equipped with the state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities. The program ensures that the students are industry-ready and they get the best of career opportunities to leap-start their professional life.

In my view, GSAP is an excellent place for students tofulfill their dreams.