Overview: Bachelor of Computer Application

The BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application) Programme provides the essential skills for students to create a successful career in the information technology domain. Students receive a broad education that includes a relevant contemporary industry-related curriculum, excellent problem-solving and communication skills, and the ability to work in cross-disciplinary teams enhancing their spirit of innovation and academic excellence. Besides regular lectures students are enriched with knowledge beyond the curriculum through various experiential and participatory learning opportunity through value added, certificate courses, guest lectures, workshops, seminars, intra and inter collegiate fest, Science Exhibition and industrial visits.


Any student who has passed PUC/10+2/Pre-University equivalent courses in Science, Arts or Commerce securing a minimum of 40% of marks is eligible.

Benefits of Pursuing BCA Degree:

The BCA degree is the first step to develop a feel for working with IT tools and technologies. Investigate both theoretical like data Structures and algorithms and practical like competitive programming and Application development aspects of the subject.

Students will have the opportunity to go more deeply into their chosen interests.

Following are the benefits for pursuing a BCA degree:

  •  To learn how to use all of the major programming languages, such as C++, Java, and Python. Any new language concepts will be simpler to pick up after mastered one of these.
  •  By investigating data structures, databases, algorithms, discrete mathematics, operating systems, etc.,
  •  To develop the abilities needed to work on projects for the industry in a variety of fields, including as networking, database management, and application development.
  •  Build a strong foundation for IT career.


Qualified for a number of entry-level jobs in the IT industry after earning BCA Degree. Additionally, MCA can be pursued at the Post Graduate level, which will provide access to even more career opportunities. The BCA degree is an effective tool that positions students for a successful career in terms of employment.

After Completion of BCA Degree Job opportunity in the Following sectors:

  • IT consulting firms
  • Banking and investment companies.
  • Institutions of finance
  • Government agencies
  • Software development
  • Security businesses
  • Network management firms
  • BPOs
  • Agencies who create and develop websites and Web applications
  • Game design companies
  • Advertising agencies

Job Profiles after BCA:

BCA is a foundational course that can assist in establishing a career in a number of related fields. A wide range of job profiles are open. The following are some of the most intriguing ones:

  • System engineers: They are employed by prestigious organisations like Wipro, HP, Infosys, and TCS to develop, test, implement, and assess the software and systems used by the company.
  • Programmer: Depending on the needs of the company, programmers write code in high-level or low-level languages for various software companies. Low-level languages might include COBOL, Assembly, etc., while high-level languages might Include C, C++, and Java.
  • Web developer: Web developers create websites and web apps for product companies or web development firms. Working with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, is necessary for this. Either a front-end developer or a back-end developer can work here. After gaining experience, you can advance and work as a full-stack web developer, managing the front- and back-ends of web programmes
  • Server Administrator: In major organisations, educational institutions, and financial institutions, server administrators are typically needed. You will be in charge of setting up, maintaining, and scaling the company server while making sure nothing goes wrong. Since servers are essential for any business, this is a position with a lot of weighty duties.
  • Software/Application Developer: Businesses of all sizes and from a wide range of sectors are frequently on the lookout for qualified software or application developers. Creating desktop or mobile applications in this position using a variety of programmes and coding languages, such as Java, PHP, C++, etc.
  • Network Administrator: Network administrators are crucial to the regular operation of corporate networks. This comprises intranets, network segments, and communication systems like LAN, MAN, and WAN.

Further Education after BCA

MCA (Master of Computer Application)

M.Sc (Master of Computer Science)

MBA (Master of Business Administration)

  • Information Security Management
  • Masters in Information Management
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Data Science
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Machine Learning and AI