Aeronautical Engineering : HoD Message

Aeronautical Engineering studies is gaining increased attention among aspiring students who see engineering as professional career. This is due to the basic fascination to the subject and promising future. The recent advancements in a number enabling technologies are also contribute some contributing factor. The rapid growth in civil transportation, development of advanced fighter aircrafts and missile system for the air superiority in national defense and the growing applications of unmanned aerial system in the civilian and commercial sectors are some of the promising areas for the students career.

The UG course in this branch imparts multi-faceted training to students in areas like design, development, manufacturing, operation and maintenance aircrafts system. As these activities are highly inter-disciplinary, students will also be introduced to related technologies in allied fields such as advanced materials, embedded systems, software technologies etc. While the opportunities for the students for higher studies and placement in the western world need not be over stated the Indian scenario is turning to be better with opening up of strategic sector manufacturing to private enterprises and operation of a number startup in unmanned aerial system.

CGEM invites young aperients who desires to pursue their career in Aeronautics, to join the newly opened under-graduate program. The college being part of the renowned M/s.Gopalan Enterprises has also established Gopalan Aerospace Industry. GCEM is successfully conducting undergraduate program in different driplines of engineering since 2010.

The faculties of the department are a mix of experienced researchers from industry and young dynamic graduates from reputed institutions. The institution located close to many leading aeronautical industries, laboratories and IT industries is entering into strategic collaborations to benefit the students through in house and internship program.

The UG program under the VTU, Belugam will be taught by specialists in the core areas such as aerodynamics, aircraft materials and structures, propulsion, aircraft systems, controls and instruments. Inter disciplinary activities will be taken up through UAV design projects, industrial interaction, value added special courses and special purpose research laboratory. The standard laboratories like wind tunnel facility, propulsion test facility, Aero structures, Avionics lab flight experimentation lab is being established, keeping in view of the advancements and also to enable the students to take up applied research problems using these test facilities. These test facilities will also be used to conduct special purpose training for faculties and other department students during the summer break. Through a mix of quality teaching of fundamentals and a good exposure of practical training in the test facilities the students are expected to emerge with a high level of competence and confidence to take up the challenges posed in the industries or in the centers of higher learning.