Aeronautical Engineering : HoD Message

Dr. Pauline. M


Aeronautics is a fascinating engineering subject that let students to undertake studies related to aircraft design, development, testing and analysis. As like any other field the various developments in the areas of materials, manufacturing, embedded electronics and computer software play a significant part here and the role of any institution is to provide a multidisciplinary training to the students to stay relevant with the industrial needs and current technologies.

The UG program under the VTU, Belgaum is handled by a mix of well qualified and experienced seniors and passionate young and dynamic young faculties. The course focus on areas like aerodynamics, aircraft materials and structures, propulsion, aircraft systems, controls and instruments. The standard laboratories like wind tunnel facility, propulsion test facility, Aero structures, Avionics lab flight experimentation lab are established, keeping in view of the advancements and also enable the students to take up applied research problems using these test facilities.

The Department vision is related to the developing competent and confident Aeronautical engineers with high ethical values to cater for the needs of Industry and society. Towards achieving this, the department is committed to impart quality teaching and guiding the students with the right mix of theory with strong foundation and practical skill sets to meet the current industrial needs. Students also will be encouraged to pursue inter disciplinary research at undergraduate level with the establishment of UAV Lab. Students are encouraged to take up applied research in collaborative mode as the college is partnering with industries under MOUs. Lectures and seminars from eminent scientists and engineers are periodically arranged to motivate students. The institution located close to many leading aeronautical industries, laboratories and IT industries and is entering into strategic collaborations to benefit the students through in house and internship program A number of Industrial visits are arranged. Students are also encouraged to build aircraft models through Aero-modelling Club activities. While the opportunities for the students for higher studies and placement in the western world need not be over stated the Indian scenario is turning to better with opening of strategic sector manufacturing to private enterprises and a number startup in the area of unmanned aerial system.

Students are nurtured to evolve themselves as best professionals or researchers or entrepreneurs driven by their passion. I am confident that with the highly talented and committed group of staff, advanced Laboratories and highly supportive management students from our institution will come out with high level of professional competence to meet the growing challenges. I wish the students all the very best in all their endeavors.