Engineering College Library

VTU e-Shikshana

(Formerly VTU-EDUSAT)

e-Shikshana programme is an advanced multi-modal, multi-platform, collaborative e-learning platform which allows a course experts to teach or interact with a large number of students across VTU affiliated colleges on a real-time basis through live audio video streaming and synchronized content sharing.

Why e-Shikshana?

  1. Online Virtual Classrooms
  2. e-Shikshana facilitates live workshops
  3. Meeting Tool

e-Shikshana Features and Enhancements:

  1. Seamless live video and audio streaming.
  2. Content collaboration.
  3. Live Evaluation and Feedback.
  4. Video record, playback and edit functions.
  5. Client side MP4 Recording.
  6. Self Recording and Echo testing.
  7. Document sharing.
  8. Improved User Interface.
  9. FOSS (Free open source software) and Multicast support.

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