Information about Placement Department

Activities Conducted in 2022-2023:

  1. 22-01-2023: Awareness program on overseas education at hotel Taj
  2. 25-01-2023: AI based Behavioral and mentoring program
  3. 28-01-2023: Industrial interaction with comedcares incubation centre
  4. 04-02-2023: Froker Campus drive
  5. 10-02-2023: Alpha pvt ltd Campus drive
  6. 21-02-2023: Tap Campus drive
  7. 14-03-2023: pool campus drive (4 companies)
  8. 10-06-2023: Webinar on understanding employability by Simple skills organization on
  9. 12-06-2023 Flipkart grid Virtual drive for all final year students
  10. 15-06-2023: Webinar on “Placement Guaranteed program”
  11. 16-06-2023: Awareness program on GRE, TOEFEL and higher education in abroad.
  12. 17-06-2023: Explore and evolve virtual drive for all final year students
  13. 17-06-2023: Niveshartha Campus drive for 2023 passed out and Degree final year students
  14. 21-06-2023: TCS launch pad registrations done by 6th sem students
  15. 21-06-2023: Bijus virtual drive for 2023 passedout candidates
  16. 8th and 9th june 2023 Preparation and participation for the tv9 education summit
  17. Continuous support for the admissions in terms of counselling and admissions: more conversions happened from CSE to ECE


Activities Conducted from Training and Placement department for the academic year 2021-2022

  1. Overseas Education: GCEM participated with 8 students at hotel TaJ organized by IDP on 9th april 2022. Counseling is done for our students. As a result two students one from CSE and one from ECE are going to abroad for higher education
  2. 10 students were offered for free training of 700 hours and placements by Global quest technologies on 12th April 2022
  3. 20 Students of final year BE accompanied by me have attended soft skill training at ICFAI on 23rd April 2022 for one day.
  4. Soft skill training session was given by EtoE organization for 6th sem students at GCEM.
  5. Awareness program on requirement of Civil and Mechanical Industries in India was organized at GCEM. The session was taken by Mr.Anand , CEO of Swifterz organization on 28th May 2022
  6. Importance of Competitive exams and Softskills was conducted at GCEM for 6th sem students on 30th May 2022
  7. Soft Skills, Aptitude training was done for 6th sem students by Global Quest Technologies on 2nd June 2022 at GCEM
  8. Three days training has been done for 1st year BE students on personality development by placement department( An experiential learning