Information Science & Engineering (ISE)

Information Science Engineering College in Bangalore

The Department offers an undergraduate programme in Information Science and Engineering with a yearly intake of 60 from 2023.

The aim of the department is to provide high-quality education along with training in the state-of-the-art technologies. The department emphasizes on all the important aspects of computers and takes initiative to improve the soft skills, analytical capabilities and verbal communication of the students so that they can face the competition in the competing world.

To Become...

  • a cybersecurity specialist
  • a blockchain developer
  • a machine learning engineer
  • an augmented reality developer

Information science programs typically centers primarily around theory and software, with only some hardware, upper division courses tend to allow a lot of freedom to specialize in software and theory related areas (e.g. algorithms, artificial intelligence, cryptography/security, graphics/visualization, numerical and symbolic computing, operating systems/distributed processing, software engineering).

As a field of study that deals with collecting, compiling and converting raw information into useful data, Information science has emerged as one of the most sought after branches of engineering in today’s world. Information scienece focuses on utilizing computers in order to control, gather, store and circulate information.